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We believe in luxury ethical fashion without compromises.

We carefully research and select the finest natural materials to ensure the lowest possible impact on the environment. We reach for excellence with the expert hands of our tailors.

We design to inspire our customer's lifestyle, embrace their unique personality and distinguish themselves.

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We select our fabrics and material in Italy among the industry excellence. 


As Italians we take pride in our traditional craftsmanship skills. Our artisans combine superior know-how coming from decades of experience with love and passion for tailoring.

""Dressing well is more than just appearance.

It's part of your soul. It's about dignity.""

- Stefania Gargarella - Reefways Italy -


Our customers love to distinguish themselves and make ethical choices without compromises.


We are on a mission to make our customers look confident and sharp whether they are in the office, traveling, relaxing on a boat or joining a party. 

We are on a mission to give our customers the most sustainable luxury ever possible.

""We want our customers to deliver the best version of themselves whenever it counts.""

- Dario Galante - Reefways Italy -

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