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A primary element influencing the sustainability aspects of a dress is the material composition.

Moreover each material must have a well known and controlled lifecycle which minimizes water usage, CO2 emissions, waste production and overall carbon footprint.

At Reefways we choose only natural materials which can be traceable across the supply chain. 

Discover our selection below.

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Wool and Cashmere

Wool is a natural, renewable, and biodegradable textile in both landing and marine environments.

After hemp, wool consumes less energy and has a smaller carbon footprint than other textile fibers. We moreover select only the wools obtained with extreme care from the animals producing it. 

Super Fine Wool, Flannel and naturally Cashmere are example of fabrics we use for our products which are among the best in class and highly resistant to time and usage.

A high quality wool is a must have for a timeless classy suit without compromises.


Pure and uncontaminated silk is far more sustainable than many other materials. Silk is very efficient in land, water and energy resources to be produced and if treated well it can last a decade.

We use only natural 100% silk in our products, mainly among the Mulberry selection.

Genuine silk is the definition of "luxury" and gives the absolute touch of distinction for a high quality suit.

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