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Women's Fall Winter 2022 "Healing"

Life can punch hard but we can always put on the right suit, start all over and take back our dignity.


Inspired by the '50s

"Teddy Girls" of London were choosing carefully their clothes. It was not only an aesthetic exercise. These girls were struggling against the post-war austerity. They would typically leave school early  at 15-16 yo to work in offices or factories and investing the majority of their time to make signature clothing.

Trademarks like tailored jackets, pencil skirts, rolled-up pants, flat shoes and tie scarves were put up boldly and would make head-turning effects.

It wasn't an easy life for them as the society of that time was massively men-centric and their counterparts "Teddy Boys" were occupying much of the British scene.  

Nevertheless those women kept going forward regardless of the judgmental people, facing the hard fight to have a recognized place in the society.

After all they were working class women, proud and confident, worth to be wearing what they decided. It was their fashion, elegant and rude, disrespectful and classy at the same time. 

Reefways Luxury Customers.JPG
Reefways Luxury Customers.JPG

Healing Women

As hard as it could be for the Teddy Girls to stand tall in the 50s it is equally a hard sailing for women in modern era. 

Most women today are well put together, they combine ramping careers, hard work, motherhood and family. They take active part in the modern society hustle which is hard to handle in a  world poisoned with uncertainty.

Massive global issues like pandemics, war and recession are generating side effects in the everyday life adding up to anxiety and stress of an already complex existence.

But all is not lost.

 "No matter how hard it gets, we put on a nice suit and start over." 

We love to believe this is where the "healing" starts. More than just appearance, dressing well is a call to dignity, a way to put your right foot forward, presenting your best self. 

Straight fits, sharp lines, catchy details and soft surfaces.

We dedicated a tribute to the '50s "Teddy Girls" by reinventing the tailored jacket and the tie scarf to best connect vintage and modern under the same emotions.


07 - Tuxedo Jacket Engraved Buttons Cuff.jpg

Without compromises

We do not compromise on quality.
Our first class wools are selected among the batches intended for tailoring, they are not meant for mass productions. Reefways products are handmade and tailored by expert professionals since decades, giving a touch of uniqueness to each item. 

Naturally Made in Italy.

We do not compromise on design.
The full canvas structure of our jackets and the cashmere reinforce on the collar gives enhanced fitting and wearability. The jacket will stay sharp while giving a warm hugging feeling.

We do not compromise on sustainability.
Wool is a natural, renewable, and biodegradable textile in both landing and marine environments, with less than 18% energy consumption compared to polyester and nearly 70% less water consumption compared to cotton. You will not find those contaminations at Reefways. We use only 100% natural wool and cashmere.

07 - Tuxedo Jacket Engraved Buttons Cuff.jpg
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